Auction Software

Auction Software

Model: auction

Auction and e-commerce Site
Web application required for online auctions. Once the auction method or real-life auction rules are determined, the winning customer is entitled to receive the work, product or antique value and the final result is sent to the customer.
The Management Panel is very simple, but the system is very useful for our customers.

more detail :


Starting Online Auctions (According to bidding, increment rules)
Launch multiple (unlimited) Auctions
Bidding, Bidding, Bidding
Preliminary Evaluation Auctions start; Starting auctions online and ending in the hall.
Mass Mail (Auction Announcement),
Bulk Product Upload
Auction Archiving
Direct Selling (e-commerce) Online Payment acceptance
Converting final results to orders

Product Details

Product title and short description

Auction starting price

Its value at auction

Auction deadline with counter

Highest proposal and bidder (admin only sees)

Product category and genus filtering

Lot number and ranking system

Market value

Total bidders

Total offer

Total number of followers

Email Notifications

For the team members; The work you follow has received an offer

Notification of the Outgoing Proposal of Your Offer (Instant)

Result notification email at the end of the auction; You are the owner of the product with the highest offer

Information e-mails are sent when the auction begins and in a short period of time.

Follow-up Mail: The work you follow is 12 pieces - on "Auction name"

Bidder Mail: You have 23 Total Bids - on "Auction Name"

When the auction bidder is passed while the auction is in progress, an instant notification is sent.
Our users who are registered to our e-bulletin are informed about our new auctions and products.

All e-mails are sent in detail and with links and images for return to the site.

Admin Panel

Detailed customer information

Who bid for which product and when

Which product got the offer (by whom)

The auction displays which products have received bids and who has the highest bid.

How many products have been Bid in auction (got bey)

statistical data

Instant turnover reached by the auction

Total number of bids (pey) today

Total number of followers today

Total new members today

Ability to use google analytics


Converting Final Results to orders with +% Commission and + VAT rate and sending notifications

Order online payment acceptance


Bulk Product Upload (Pour the data to support packages, excel file (title, description, price etc.) and image folder)


and more

live auction ending final acceptance

live auction video

online auctions and live finishing

online auction and time auction (stop buying if no pey last 3 minutes)

referance : auction software

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