Aqua Marina Theme is designed and implemented on Cart21 system. It can be used for general purposes not only e-commerce.

85,00 $

Perfect and easy solution for your online payment needs


200,00 $

it is Static Plugin module that enable admin user 

  • to add photo galeries.
  • to add unlimited photos under a photo galery.
  • to show a photo on a page position.
  • to show limited number photo of a photo galery on a page position.
  • to show limited number of photo galeries on page position.
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This plugin is a modifying plugin and  adds Google Analytics code before  body close tag  and enable you to use  Google Analytic 

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This plugin enable you to show the shop location as marker on contact page using Google Maps Api

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Staff profile plugin enable you to create staff profile and manage for front website.

15,00 $

Automaticly update active currency rate  using api service

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 Tevto Template is designed and working on Cart21 e-commerce open source system

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Multi Slider is a plugin module that enable admin user to add unlimited slider regardless of default slider. if you need different slider for different pages it provides you great solution with options such as selecting different theme for slider, enabling you to assign any page positions.

20,00 $

GeoIP (Country and Continent) Criteria decide from admin panel at which country or continent to open which currency and and which language first. 

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