Multi Slider is a plugin module that enable admin user to add unlimited slider regardless of default slider. if you need different slider for different pages it provides you great solution with options such as selecting different theme for slider, enabling you to assign any page positions.

20,00 $

Dynamic Page Position is a system modifying plugin. The key feature of the plugin is enable admin user to assign any module or any dynamic content(content, product, etc.) to any link or page positions(left,right,center, etc.). By default cart21, it is only assignable to static pages. But  Dynamic Page Position enable you to assign  any  modules, content, product, etc. to any link visible on front.

20,00 $

We are developing custom software website ?

What is custom software or custom development ?

Custom software is code developed for custom demand.

This service includes 

Web applications, web projects, E-commerce, plugins(Extentions), templates (custom webdesign, css-html) 


Staff profile plugin enable you to create staff profile and manage for front website.

15,00 $

This plugin enable you to show the shop location as marker on contact page using Google Maps Api

10,00 $

This plugin is a modifying plugin and  adds Google Analytics code before  body close tag  and enable you to use  Google Analytic 

5,00 $

Projects, Tasks, Task status
With Task Management  you can register your task and make them in organized shape in terms of Projects, Tasks, Task status, Task Workers.The plugin is a management tools visible on Admin Panel  do not have any effect on front side.

150,00 $

This Plugin includes Black Photograhy template and  Photography software plugin 

60,00 $

After installing this theme you will have a photography website as shown in demo. The template also includes multi-slider and photo galery plugin.

60,00 $

This Plugin includes Ciro Photography template and  Photography software plugin 

60,00 $

This Plugin includes a default Photograhy template and  Photography software plugin 


50,00 $

it is Static Plugin module that enable admin user 

  • to add photo galeries.
  • to add unlimited photos under a photo galery 
  • ....
30,00 $

Login with username not only email

10,00 $

Customized software for general purpose of optic shop that should have 

199,00 $

Canvas Shop

Specialized shop software for general purpose of canvas shop that should have 

499,00 $

Perfect and easy solution for your online payment needs


200,00 $

Buy and sell c2c business model

  • Customer can add product and start to sell
  • "My sold product" list page 
  • E-mail notification buyer, seller and admin when a product purchased.
  • "Paypal account" section under "my account page" seller can set his paypal account in this page. After a purchase on website admin user will be able to send amount to the seller's account.


Admin user
password: admin

Front user

350,00 $

Ligin with Facebook or Google Account. Customer don't have to register. 

12,00 $