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Extending phpmailer (inheritance) Extending classes with inheritance is one of the most powerful features of object-oriented programming. It allows you to make changes to the original class for your own personal use without hacking the original classes. Plus, it is very easy to do. I've provided an example: Here's a class that extends the phpmailer class and sets the defaults for the particular site: PHP include file:


class my_phpmailer extends phpmailer {
	// Set default variables for all new objects
	var $From = "";
	var $FromName = "Mailer";
	var $Host = ";";
	var $Mailer = "smtp";
	var $WordWrap = 75;

	// Replace the default error_handler
	function error_handler($msg) {
		print("My Site Error");
		printf("%s", $msg);

	// Create an additional function
	function do_something($something) {
		// Place your new code here
Now here's a normal PHP page in the site: Normal PHP file: mail_test.php

// Instantiate your new class
 $mail = new my_phpmailer;

// Now you only need to add the necessary stuff
 $mail->AddAddress("", "Josh Adams");
 $mail->Subject = "Here is the subject";
 $mail->Body = "This is the message body";
 $mail->Send(); // send message

echo "Message was sent successfully";

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