Smarty - testInstall() Example

Example 14.52. testInstall()
[php] <?php require_once('Smarty.class.php'); $smarty = new Smarty(); $smarty->testInstall(); ?> [/php]
Name testInstall() — checks Smarty installation Description:
void testInstall();This function verifies that all required working folders of the Smarty installation can be accessed. It does output a corresponding protocoll.


Smarty Template Control

This class provides a Web interface to create and edit text files.

It was meant to let an user edit Smarty template files but it can be used to edit other types of text files.

The class can generate an interface based on Web page forms to let the user choose and edit text file existing in a given directory or add a new text file.





Formcat, PHP, Smarty plug-in for client side form validation

Formcat is a class for performing form validation on the client side. Its goal is to generate Javascript code to validate forms before they are submited to the server. It works as a plug-in for the Smarty template engine. It is a good complement SmartyValidate plug-in that performs server side validation. It supports many built-in validation criteria: empty, range, length, checkbox, radio button, integer, float, email, credit card, list menu, date, date comparison, equality between fields, file size, file type, custom validator calls. {formcat ...} tags can be located anywhere in the templates, regardless of where the corresponding fields are located in the form.